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Display team 2016

Donald and Cassie proudly wearing their Pads bandanas

Little Milo and large Xander at our Thursday night classes - we really do cater for all sizes and breed of dog! 

It's nice to be so popular! The fun dog show we run at the Stafford Castle Heritage event in May is always a busy one 

Norman showing one of our lovely customers how to do the Scurry at Dogs Unleashed 

The team after the parade in Stone.

Carron and Lulu demonstrating heelwork to music moves in one of our popular displays

Alice doing what she was born to do in our scurry 

An in-class "out of sight" stay, all four dogs being very attentive

Tuesday night agility - fabulous equipment and a full course is set up every week

Roxie falling alseep in one of our displays (well she was told to stay so she just decided to make the most of it!)