🐾🐾PADS DOG TRAINING  are, for the moment, holding small socially distancing classes in a different venue until we are allowed back into the one we rent! We are following strictly, the government guidelines. And are here to help for information call 07762920614 🐾

"Where fun and training go hand in paw."
((For now we are not allowed back into the venue we are due to rent. So are doing social distancing classes following government guidelines. In different venues))


Is! Pinfold Lane Penkridge st195ap. And Mayo Farm Haughton.

We hold classes and courses in
Obedience and Agility.
OBEDIENCE.... At Pads we believe training should fun. The dogs when they first come in, every week, will able to mix together with all the other dogs there. Then we split you up into small groups of 5/6 per trainer, if necessary we also offer in class one to ones for those dogs or handlers who need that little bit extra!

We are in two large indoor buildings, one in Haughton & one in Penkridge so we are lucky enough to be able to have lots of dogs for yours to make friends with. And they love it. They learn to mix well with everything and listen to you in a busy environment! Because after all life can throw anything at them and you will, with our help, learn how to control them no matter what!

AGILTY.... Pads is fun Agilty, the dogs have to be over a year old, be reasonably obedient, good off lead and 100% dog and human friendly!

For more information or to book on any of Pads courses or classes
Ring 07762920614.  
Lines open Mon to Fri 8am to 7pm. Sat 9am to 1pm. Closed Sunday...
Speak to Roz
There is also our email address padsdogtraining@outlook.com

Pads Dog Training is a positive reinforcement dog training centre which was established over 35 years ago. We have a reputation for being a well organised and fun dog training centre, making it rewarding and successful for both handlers and their dogs We want to know what you need from us, as well as giving you the best training possible. Pads encourages you to arrive early, at no extra cost, to allow your dog to socialise with the other dogs. We give advice on behaviour issues as well as the training.
Pads takes dogs of any age.
From as soon as they are inoculated,
 right into old age.
We want to give you and your dogs the best possible training in the area.

At Pads we believe that owning a well behaved dog shouldn't break the bank, our prices have remained fixed for many years, and all the profits made go straight back into the running of our non profit making training centre. That's right, all of our staff are very experienced volunteers, we do this because it's our passion! We also can’t defer fees, another way of keeping our prices low!

See how much fun you could have by coming  to Pads Dog Training Centre, Pinfold Lane Penkridge ST195AP 

Here's some of our regulars.... 

Pads trainers & helpers are fully committed and experienced in helping you get the very best training possible for your dog in our fun & friendly environment...

We at Pads are here to help you & your dog have the best possible life together. Regardless of size, age or breed!

Paddy and Mel having fun on agility.

Look for our posters and business cards 


A few of our photographs are courtesy of 
Sharron Hill Photography' 

🐾🐾  Our new style, small, social distancing, following strictly, the government guidelines, classes, are going well! 

At a temporary venue until we are allowed back into the one we rent!

Is your dog in need of some training and socialisation? 

Are they dog and human friendly?
Would you like to join us? 

In little groups of dogs of similar ages and abilities!
We are also offering 1-2-1’s for those who would not cope in class!

For now we are at a different place that’s safe and we’re able to follow the guidelines !

Call 07762920614 for more information 🐾🐾 

Pads dog training is looking forward to speaking to you soon!

Once we can start back at the indoor venues. The prices will be....
£50 for a full 6 weeks course which includes the registration and public liability then £40 every 6 weeks thereafter. We offer free socialisation prior to starting date if your booked on and paid up!
Then if you like us move straight up to the next level. Because 6 weeks isn't long in your dogs life and they love it!
To book on you have to ring 07762920614...
Lines are open Mon to Fri 8am to 6pm. Sat 9am to 2pm. Sunday closed. And bank holidays!
Visit our Puppy Classes page for more information

Our venues are lovely and spacious

The PUPPY course lasts six weeks and provides you and your puppy with all the basics for having a happy well trained dog, with socilisation, lots of information and behaviour advice and most of all... fun! 

Our classes are loosely based on the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation but with Pads extra  special twist to ensure you & puppy get the best start in your life together. Most importantly we keep the class sizes small to ensure that you and your puppy get the attention and advice that you need.

BEGINNERS is for dogs/puppies over 6 months of age that are dog and human friendly. It covers the same as puppy but "tweaked" to suit the older puppies or dogs needs. Made a bit more challenging so the older puppies and dogs don't get bored. 
Should you continue with our classes after puppy, which we always recommend, you would go into Bronze level.

After Bronze class is silver, gold and advanced.
(As with all Pads classes and courses your dogs have to be dog and human friendly. We provide very reasonably priced private lessons for dogs who wouldn't cope in a class) 

All Pads obedience classes and courses are positive reinforcement based and great fun! We do all levels of obedience, right up to advanced.

To book on any of our classes and courses  or for more information on anything connected to Pads please ring Roz Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm, Saturday 8am to 2pm...
on 07762 920614 or 01889883276

🐾 Agility and FLY-BALL at Haughton £6 per week🐾
 (dogs must be at least 12 months old, have at least basic obedience & be dog and human friendly)

🐾 OBEDIENCE at Haughton is £50 for the first 6 weeks. Then £40 every 6 weeks thereafter 🐾

🐾 OBEDIENCE at Penkridge🐾
First classes run 7pm to 8pm and cost £50 for the first 6 weeks then £40 every 6 weeks thereafter.
Our puppy classes are second to none.
Geared for puppies under 6mths of age. 
Small classes and experienced trainers.

 For newcomers, should you need it, Pads provides a helper, at no extra cost to you, to make sure your not left behind!
Second classes are 8pm to 9pm New starters £50 for the first 6 weeks and £40 every 6 weeks thereafter. Continuing from the first classes £40 every 6 weeks. 
Advanced Obedience

Every dog and handler in every class gets all the help they need.
Pads takes dogs of ANY age ANY breed or ANY ability. They just need to be dog and human friendly to join appropriate classes! 
Pads is always trying to improve their classes and we want you to have the best dog training experience possible. To make you get the very best training for you and your dogs! At a price that won't break the bank! 

Pads also does many outside events, the proceeds of which go towards funding our own fun dog day to raise money for charity
At 2019 events Pads raised £4;000 for street vet uk


Event dates 2020

Due to Covid 19 all events so far are cancelled 

Pads dog training also has for its members a "Handlers Christmas party" and a "Dogs Christmas party". Both great fun to be involved with 🐾🎉


To visit Pads' Facebook page click the link above and see what is happening in Pads at the minute!

One of Pads Christmas trees. This one at St. Michaels Penkridge 




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