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Meet the team


 Roz Hickman

Dog Trainer and 'The Boss'! Roz has had Gundogs and Terriers all her life and has been very sucessfully breed showing and obedience competing for 48 years. She has been involved with the running and training at Pads for over 35 years and specialises in dogs with behavioural/training issues, puppy training and advanced, she has an extensive knowledge in all aspects of dog training.  Pads Dog Training is a Kennel Club listed training centre but Roz's experience can best be seen in her own dogs .... (not to mention the countless dogs/handlers she has helped over the years!) ....  The original display dog was Herman, German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) who performed heelwork to music and countless displays across the country with Roz and sadly passed away at the age of 15 in 2016. After Herman, Roz's next showman was Donald, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who gained his Gold award by the age of 9 months old, had an extremely successful showing career including best Puppy at Crufts, and was selected from hundreds of dogs to be part of the Superstar Dogs TV show. Donald's life was tragically cut short after a brave fight with a terrible autoimmune disease, he will always be remembered by anyone who met him. Roz now has  Alice a 11 year old working GSP, and Fred, a GSP who joined the family in June 2017 and is her latest event display dog. She now has Helga a GSP puppy who is doing extremely well.  All Roz`s dogs have competed in Obedience Breed shows and Heel work to Music, with two having been working gundogs and 3 are or have been P.A.T dogs. Fred being the latest therapy dog.
Norman Hickman 
Norman has been involved with Pads for a number of years; he is a very good trainer. Norman is a professional, kind and organised dog trainer,  lovely to the dogs and handlers alike, he makes everyone feel welcome and is the very best at getting people ready for the relevant level test,  i.e. bronze, silver or gold, and his attention to detail is amazing. Norman also does the agility and flyball classes. He is a really fun person, often having the whole school in stitches, making his classes fun as well as precise. His own dogs are P.A.T. dogs (Pets as Therapy), which says it all!  Norman's dog, Cassie, is an 8 year old Airedale who with Norman's expert care is going from strength to strength as a much loved member of the Hickman and PADS family.
Carron Bailey

Carron has been with Pads for over 15 years. She has Luli and Ren, who are papillons and Ava, a whippet x italian greyhound. Carron started as a helper a number of years ago. Now doing the puppy classes and Bronze level classes. Carron is a very important member of Pads display team. Luli doing Heel Work to Music amongst other things. Carron's people skills and her ability to pass her knowledge on are excellent. Everyone loves our Carron. Carron is a qualified examiner for Bronze level.

Maryann Blake

Maryann has been involved with Pads for many year. Firstly with Toby, a springer spaniel then Charlie and now Chloe, both labradoodles and most recently Phoebe the poodle. Like the rest of the team Pads could not run to the professional level it does without Maryann. She does our posters, flyers, notice board, promotes all Pads events, keeps the register, and helps the handlers that are struggling. Maryann is a qualified examiner for Bronze and Silver levels. And steps in to take classes when needed.

                                                                    Susanna Allen 

Susanna who is Pads latest member of the training team. She has owned German Shepard’s and border collies all her life. Gillie the border collie now in advanced classes and an important member of the display team, is Susanna’s present dog. She is one of Pads puppy trainers, is a very valued member of the team of trainers and helpers at Pads. Susanna is a natural and her people skills are fantastic.

                                                                        Andrew Garratt 

Andrew who has toy breeds, Toby and Coco,  is now one of the puppy helpers/trainers. As well as helping with the important job of handing out paperwork and greeting new dogs coming to get used to the environment before starting officially. Toby on the right is one of the display team.

Helpers Trainers and Supporters.
We are very fortunate in having  members of our team who we can call on for assistance, some in class and some for events, and are just as important members of our team. 

Avis and Derek provide us with great support on Pads fun agility and fly.ball night.

At events, in addition we have Mel, Chloe, Sharron, Andrew, Vicki, Mandy, Pete, who give up their spare time to ensure every Pads event is a huge success.