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Our Achievements

Many of Pads Dogs Compete in Obedience-Breed-Agility-Heel Work to Music.
Pads can help you with all these things and more.

Donald Fallowfens Star of PADS
to date has, to his name...
 12 best puppies
8 best in breeds
Has now sired a littler of lovely puppies and has appeared on television three times!
(Sadly no longer with us)
   We hope all the puppies and their families will enjoy 
as much enjoyment and success as we have with Donald! 

Herman & Roz

Herman is Roz's 'best pal', having been consistently successful in Heel work to Music, both display and competitions for many years. Herman, now 14 was also a Pets as Therapy dog. And made a tremendous difference to a lot of dogs with dog aggression issues by helping Roz with her private lessons.
(Sadly no longer with us)


Fred and Helga GSPs. Roz’s latest members of the display teams. Fred is also a therapy dog and does really well helping her with the 1-2-1 lessons for dogs that wouldn’t cope in classes.

As well as our competitive achievements, we also have lots of experience in successfully rehabilitating Rescue Dogs! Here are just a few of our stories:

Vicki & Donny

Rescued via Greyhound Gap, Donny came to Vicki with very little in the way of training. As whippets are members of the hound group, they could best be described as stubborn with cloth for ears! Vicki has done amazingly well with Donny and he's now a regular on our Tuesday Fun nights at Haughton. We also have a close relationship with Greyhound Gap, regularly running fundraising events. Vicki says "We've had this boy 3 years. He was a rescue and was shut down, nervous and scared of his own shadow. Thanks to pads training and their patience with him he is now a confident, happy, balanced, well behaved dog. Thanks so much for your support"

Sharron & Tuppence

A rescue Bichon Frise of 12 years old, Sharron has worked very hard with Tup having achieved her Gold Award and being part of the display team when Alfie is having an 'off day'. Part of a pack of three, Tuppence has come out of her shell and recently found out she LOVES doing agility!

Tammy & Molly

Originally looking for a dog for someone else, Tammy found Molly and had to have her! Originally suffering from severe separation anxiety, through Tammy's hard work and patience Molly is now a settled and happy member of Tammy's pack of three Cavalier King Charles spaniels. 

Katie & Rupert

A cross-breed rescue from Hilbrae kennels in Shropshire, Rupert came to Katie with very little training or knowledge of how to behave in a home. After starting with PADS, Rupert went from Bronze to Gold in under six months and was part of the display team. 

Dan & Storm

Rescued via the German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Dan and Storm are the perfect team. Dan has progressed through the KC Good Citizen levels with Storm, participates in the Display Team, and also attends regularly for our fun Agility on a Tues. Storm, a beautiful white German Shepherd, has many admirers! 
( sadly no longer with us ❤️)